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Counselor’s Journal

Website Updates Coming Soon

Hello, I will continue working on the following pages:

  • Individual Therapy Plan
  • Couple’s Therapy Plan
  • Family Therapy Plan
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Polyvagal Theory

Continuing Education & Professional Development

Hello, I will be studying:

  • Advanced Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor’s Examination
  • Couple’s Therapy Continuing Education Certificates
  • Family Therapy Continuing Education Certificates
  • Internal Family Systems Continuing Education Certificates
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Continuing Education Certificates
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy Continuing Education Certificates
  • Polyvagal Theory Continuing Education Certificates

Changes Happening in 2023

Hello, my private practice will be changing:

Once my supervision hours are complete, I will become a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, sometime in May 2023. I will be submitting my application to become a Licensed Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor, dependant on completing supervised hours and passing the exam.

I am transitioning practice management software from MyClientPlus to Therapy Notes LLC. For a time, clients will have access to both client portals. I will also be submitting applications to be paneled with the existing insurance companies I already bill through.

I will continue making improvements to my website and to my Quenza client engagement app account. More activities, more assessments, more surveys, more tools, more videos, more audio files, until I have a complete library of counseling resources.

I will be creating as much of my own content as I can, that is realistically achievable. I will be embracing and using platforms that run on advanced algorithmic artificial intelligence software, with lifelike avatars in the presentations. (OpenAI and Synthesia).


Please check out the following YouTube creator and influencer Dr. Andrew Huberman (The Huberman Lab)

Please consider reading the book “Dopamine Nation” by Dr. Anna Lemke

Please consider reading the following Psychology Today blog article: What Happens in Therapy?

Please consider reading the following Good Therapy blog article: Coping Skills

Please visit my resource pages for more book suggestions, videos, and audio recordings. 

Disclaimer: I pay for a directory listing on Psychology Today and Good Therapy, and don’t receive compensation or consideration for sharing links to their websites. I make no claims or statements regarding the accuracy, reliability, or validity of other professional’s views and content.

Please check back in on the website and apps often


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