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I am licensed in Vermont as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, (LCMHC), providing outpatient services in private practice. My application and examination is pending toward secondary licensure in Vermont as an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, (LADC). I have been listed on the VT roster of pre-licensed psychotherapists since 2019. I am certified as a National Certified Counselor by the National Board of Certified Counselors, (NCC) I earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2020 from the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT. I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology in 2017 from the College of St. Joseph the Provider in Rutland, VT.

I am certified as a life coach, health and wellness coach, nutrition coach, and recovery coach. I am qualified to work with people as a business coach, corporate executive coach, relationship coach, and ADHD coach. I teach people how to create their own health and wellness plans with a holistic and integrative program, that addresses multiple life domains. I created and copyright protected the program in 2022. The program is called “Strengthening Your Conscious Self.” My coaching services are provided online and I can see clients over Zoom pro from anywhere, with no geographic limitations. I am currently meeting with therapy clients both in-person and through Telehealth Video calls (Zoom Pro).

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 My Approach to Therapy



The therapy approaches I use in my Integrative Practice are person centered, directed by you, the client, allowing you to lead the way while I take on the role of a guide and confidant. Think of yourself as the captain, and imagine that your psyche and personality, your internal system, is your ship and crew. While you decide the ship’s course heading and speed, with your compass pointing the way, I take on the role of your navigator, with the map and key.

I believe that a person’s personality type and character strengths can drive healthy ways of thinking, feeling, relating, and being. I believe that an individual with intellectual capacity and intact cognitive abilities can find solutions to problems and challenges, when given the right environment and emotionally safe space to explore their shadow, inner wisdom, strengths, and skills.

I believe that relationships, experiences, and events, can have lasting effects on a person’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellbeing. I believe that a person’s biology, genetics, environment, culture, religion, community, nutrition, physical health, and mental wellbeing has a profound influence on their personality development.

I practice therapy from a Humanistic, Existential, and Integrated approach that considers multiple dimensions of philosophy and psychology. In therapy, I help you examine and process core beliefs, schemas, values, morals, narratives, assumptions, expectations, intentions, motivation, ethics, central nervous system functions, dissonance, reactive physical sensations, emotions, dysregulation, automatic thoughts, meaning making, processing events, reactions, and secondary emotions, sensations, and thought patterns.

I focus on what people do right for their health and wellness, rather than focus on what is “wrong with them.” My goal is not to “fix” people, instead I work with them to discover the best approach that “fits” them. I believe in a Strengths Based, Holistic Approach, grounded in Positive Psychology for improving people’s overall health and wellness, including integrated work with the cognitive and intellectual mind, physical brain and body, consciousness or spiritual aspect, and shadow, traumatic experiences and events, and/or suppressed memories.

My Health & Wellness Program



Strengthening Your Conscious Self © 2022

The health and wellness life coaching program I use in my coaching practice, I teach and adhere to an integrated health and wellness practice that addresses all the domains of a person’s existence:

    • emotional/psychological
    • intellectual/mental
    • shadow/trauma/memories
    • spiritual/religious/consciousness
    • physical/nutritional
    • genetic/neurological
    • gender/sex/identity/orientation/partners
    • family of origin/family dynamics
    • partnerships/intimacy/relationships/friendships
    • social/community
    • organizational/occupational/financial
    • cultural/political
    • leisure/recreational
    • environmental/ecological

* As a therapy client, with your permission, the preceding domains and problems or issues arising in those domains may be addressed, discussed, or processed in your therapy sessions.


Despite the fact that life coaching and health and wellness programs are effective and empirically supported preventive practices, coaching sessions and my coaching program are not covered by health insurance plans. I will send you an invoice and charge your card on a monthly payment plan for the coaching program.

When you sign up for the coaching program, you have access to all the modules in the client account portal, and you are free to explore the ones you want to. Keep in mind that the entire program rests on the foundational philosophy that all the domains are interconnected, they overlap, and one of them affects all the others and vice versa.

Therapy clients are given the opportunity to access the health and wellness program independent of the therapy relationship, however, for ethical, insurance, and licensing concerns, therapy and coaching sessions are not able to be provided to the same person.


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