Recommended Books & Workbooks


From James Fitzgerald Therapy, PLLC, and James Fitzgerald, MS, NCC, LCMHC: I do not earn any commission for sales of the books purchased on pages linked from this page. I have chosen Amazon as the primary business but you are welcome to visit other booksellers to purchase the books. My link sharing is not an endorsement of any one business.

Although not necessary, I do recommend and encourage you to work with a therapist or counselor if you start engaging in the activities outlined in some of these books. Counseling and therapy should be considered and/or included; as an important part of your self improvement work and healing. The links provided are for easy access to additional information, and should not replace, or be construed as, professional mental health care services. The links on this page will open pages categorized by topic.

For clients of James Fitzgerald Therapy, although purchasing the books is not necessary, they do guide therapy treatment planning and provide much of the interventions that are used in the counseling process. Many of the books listed here are sources of information and content for the health and wellness life coaching program, and you do not have to purchase any of them. I will provide recommendations throughout the program content, with links in each module and section. The links will open a new page that provides the name and author of each book, and a link to purchase the book.

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