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Guide for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction


This link will redirect you to an external website for more information about the MBSR program created by Jon Kabat Zinn


This link will redirect you to an external website for more information about MBSR, what it is, and how it helps.

Table of Contents

The entire course is laid out here, including the theme and mindfulness practice for each week. You can review this page and bookmark it for future reference. You can start the program from this page. Click on the blue buttons with links below, to be redirected to the corresponding part of the mindfulness based stress reduction course.

Section 1: Welcome to the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Online 8 Week Program


This course is free and completely self-guided; there is no registration and only you will be monitoring your progress, using the online progress tracker built into this website. Please feel free to process this program with me (your life coach or therapist/counselor). Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or feedback. 

Section 2: Introduction to the program, history, benefits, scientific research


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a blend of meditation, body awareness, and mindful movement: learning through practice and study how your body handles (and can resolve) stress neurologically.

Section 3: Finding out what is important to you


It’s important to consider what it is that you hope will happen as a result of doing this program. For example, you may hope for some effective ways of dealing with stress or worry, ways to cope with illness or difficult life situations, better concentration, an increase in the ability to be present and fully engaged in life, or to accept yourself more fully and others just as they are. 

Section 4: Track your progress, hold yourself accountable


The online progress tracker form can be filled out daily, and saved. You can then open the saved form for the current week and add to the same form every day, or several times per day. After each week of practice, complete the progress tracker form for that week and press submit. This format of tracking your progress is different than keeping a binder full of papers, and friendlier for the environment.

Each week, you will be asked to watch videos, read book excerpts and articles (an important part of the program), and complete daily practices. Some of the videos have ads at the beginning. Revenue from these ads go to the original creators of the videos, not to me. In addition, each week will indicate some supplementary reading or viewing materials.

Week 1: Raisin Meditation & Body Scan Meditation

Week 2: Introduction to Sitting Meditation

Week 3: Introduction to Yoga (Physical, Mental, and Emotional Restorative Relaxation)

Week 4: Breathing Techniques, Meditation, and Yoga

Week 5: Dealing with Difficult Emotions and/or Physical Pain

Week 6: Mountain Meditation and Lake Meditation

Week 7: Loving Kindness & Walking Meditation

Week 8: Developing a Formal Practice of Your Own


what now?

Much of the material in this course is drawn from the public works of other teachers and writers who share my passion for making mindfulness available to all. I am grateful to them for helping to make this free Online MBSR course possible.


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