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I encourage you to register for the program if you would like to formally practice this program. If you would like to learn more about mindfulness at a slower pace with an informal practice, the following links will redirect you to the videos on their YouTube channel. Most of the links will direct you to the original creator’s YouYube channel and content. I encourage you to subscribe to Palouse Mindfulness and also subscribe to any of the original creator’s channels as you would like.

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Video  Mindfulness; in Medicine, Health Care, and Society [University of Massachussetts – Center for Mindfulness]

Video Mindfulness; in Medicine, Health Care, and Society [University of Massachussetts – Center for Mindfulness]

Video Google Tech Talk: Mindfulness Stress Reduction and Healing [Jon Kabat Zinn] | Google

Video 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction [Jon Kabat Zinn] | Recovered Mindfully

Video How Mindfulness Meditation redefines pain, happiness & satisfaction | Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat | TEDx Presentation 

Video Happiness is All In Your Mind – Gen Kelsang Nyema (Buddhism Teacher) | TEDx Presentation


Video The Power of Mindfulness: What You Practice Grows Stronger | Shauna Shapiro | TEDx Presentation

Video Don’t try to be Mindful | Daron Larson | TEDx Presentation

Video Mindfulness to ease anger issues, fear and anxiety during uncertain times | Risa Morimoto of Modern Aging

Video Managing Anxiety with Mindfulness Meditation – Rachel Green | Enjoy Exams


Video Befriending our Bodies | Jon Kabat Zinn | Greater Good Science Center 

Video All Bodies are Beautiful | The Stand for Self Love | Amy Pence-Brown | TEDx Presentation

Video Body Scan Meditation | Palouse Mindfulness (Free Resource)

Video How an Apple can Help Kids Understand What’s Happening Now – Susan Kaiser-Greenland


Video The Raisin Meditation – Mindful Eating | Palouse Mindfulness (Free Resource)

Video Introduction to Mindful Eating – Michelle DuVal | The Meditation Center 

Video Food For Thought: How Your Belly Controls Your Brain – Ruairi Robertson | TEDx Presentation


Video The Monkey Business Illusion | Dan Simons | Do you think your mindful or mindless? 

Video Mindfulness Practice | Michelle Moldonado interview by  Risa Morimoto | Palouse Mindfulness

Video Mindful Meditation and the Brain | Shauna Shapiro – Greater Good Science Center | Palouse Mindfulness

Video How Meditation can Reshape our Brains | Sara Lazar at TEDx Presentation

Video Coming to our Senses | Jon Kabat Zinn (Excerpt) | Palouse Mindfulness

Video All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes | Andy Puddicombe | TED Presentation

Video Life is Right Now – Jon Kabat Zinn | Ewa Jacobssen

Video Why a Neuroscientist would Study Meditation – Willoughby Britton | TEDx Presentation

Video The Future of the Mind – Judson Brewer | LeWeb Paris

Video The Mindful Way Through Stress – Shamash Aldina | Mind & Its Potential

Video Neurologist Richard Davidson | Pioneers Episode 10 by Huff Post


Video Non-Striving (one of the “9 attitudes of mindfulness”) – Jon Kabat Zinn | Minds Unlimited

Video Attention, Intention, and Attitude – Shauna Shapiro | Spirituality and Psychology Conference

Video Your Thoughts are Bubbles – Jon Kabat Zinn | The Big Think

Video Awakening from Virtual Reality – Tara Brach

Video The Samurai and the Fly – Hanjin Song | Palouse MIndfulness

Video Thoughts, Real but Not True – Tara Brach

Video Surrender to the Monkeys – Tara Brach

Video NonDual Vipassana – Peter Russell and Shauna Shapiro

Video Transform Your Mind, Change Your Brain – Richard Davidson | Google Tech Talks


Video How to Make Stress Your Friend – Kelly McGonigal | TED Presentation

Video How Stress Affects Your Brain – Madhumita Murgia | TED Ed Presentation

Video STOP; A Mindfulness Practice – Melli O’Brien | Mindfulness 

Video How Stress Affects Your Body – Sharon Horesh Bergquist | TED Ed Presentation

Video Tools for Managing Stress & Anxiety | Huberman Lab Podcast # 10

Video 3 Ways – Managing Anxiety (not the usual methods) – Kyle Kittleson | MedCircle


Video Turning Toward Difficulty – Vidyamala Burch | Mindhouse Park

Video Letting Go of Negative Emotions – Thupten Jinpa

Video One Moment at a Time – Vidyamala Burch | The Mindfulness Association

Video The Gift & Power of Emotional Courage – Susan David | TED Presentation

Video The Three Components of Self Compassion – Kristin Neff | Greater Good Science Center

Video Shifting Your Inner Critic – Ann Weiser Cornell | Focusing Resources

Video How Mindfulness Works to Overcome Painful Emotions – Steven Hayes, PhD | NICABM (Accredited Source)

Video Developing Psychological Flexibility – Steven Hayes, PhD | The Weekend University

Video  Mental Brakes to Avoid Mental Breaks – Steven Hayes, PhD | TEDx Presentation

Video The RAIN of Self Compassion – Tara Brach


Video Pain x Resistance = Suffering – Tara Brach 

Video Working Skillfully with Pain – Tara Brach

Video Guided Reflection on Inhabiting This Body – Tara Brach

Video The Pace of Pain – Amberly Lago | TEDx Presentation

Video Breathworks and Mindfulness Based Pain Management – Vidyamala Burch | Breathworks Mindfulness

Video Using Mindfulness to Change the Brain: A Different Way to Deal with Pain | NICABM (Accredited Source) 

Video Coping with Pain: A Mindfulness Meditation – Susan Knier, OT | Sharp HealthCare (Accredited Source) 


Video Deep Listening – Frank Ostaseski

Video Mindful Communication | Sanvello

Video The Power of Deep Listening – Tara Brach

Video Awakening Through Conflict – Tara Brach

Video Why We’re so Quick to Blame – Brene Brown | The Royal Society for Arts

Video Empathy – Brene Brown | The Royal Society for Arts

Video Listening with Ears of the Heart – Tara Brach

Video What Really Makes Us Happy – Robert Waldinger | TED Presentation

Video Non Violent Communication – Marshall Rosenberg | Sustainable Human

Video Non Violent Communication Interview with Marshall Rosenberg | Paula Gloria


Video We are Built to be Kind – Dacher Keltner

Video Cultivating Altruism – Matthieu Ricard

Video How Mindfulness Cultivates Compassion – Shauna Shapiro

Video Overcoming Objections to Self Compassion – Kristin Neff

Video Radical Acceptance is a Prerequisite for Change – Tara Brach

Video I’m On Your Side – Michael Franti

Video Self Love Dave Potter Interview with Yurika Vu

Video Be Kind, Always – Jamie Derrick

Video Widening the Circles of Compassion – Tara Brach

Video Disarming Our Hearts – Tara Brach

Video Compassionate Ethics in Difficult Times – Dalai Lama

Video Compassion and Mindfulness – Jon Kabat Zinn

Video First, Forgive Yourself – Tara Brach Interview by Tej Rae

Video Universal Compassion – Sylvia Boorstein and Sharon Salzberg

Video Unconditional Love – Tara Brach

Video Mindfulness and Self Compassion – Kristin Neff


Video Gratitude – David Steindl-Rast

Video Love Letters – Kaira Jewel Lingo

Video The 365 Grateful Project – Hailey Bartholomew

Video How My Son Ruined My Life – Selma & James Baraz

Video Listening as an Act of Love – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Video Grand Central Station – Sharon Salzberg

Video Sanctuary = Jack Kornfield

Video The Habits of Happiness – Matthieu Ricard

Video The Happy Secret to Better Work – Shawn Achor

Video Happiness – Tara Brach

Video Mindfulness is Not A Crystal Ball – Susan Kaiser Greenland 

Video Blowing Bubbles – Sharon Salzberg