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Common Issues Addressed in Therapy

The process of therapy can be helpful with addressing these issues someone may be experiencing.

People pursue counseling and therapy for a variety of reasons. Some may enter therapy to address major life changes, such as divorce, and others may seek help in managing mental health conditions, like depression. There are many misconceptions about why people go to therapy, but most therapy clients are ordinary people who are struggling with common, everyday issues.

People may seek counseling because they have identified specific goals or issues that they wish to work on. Others may be encouraged by family, friends, or medical professionals to seek help, and in some cases, a person may be mandated to attend therapy as part of a court ruling or by a parent or guardian (if the person is a minor). Whatever the reason, it takes courage to attend therapy, and it takes dedication to see it through.

Together, we will determine the goals of therapy, and if the therapy should be short- or long-term. We will also explore much more than just the immediate concern or presenting problem — the issue that first brings you to therapy. Therapy can promote self-actualization, empower self-growth, improve relationships, and reduce emotional suffering.

The issues below may be addressed using evidence-based, science supported, and best practice therapeutic approaches. This list is not a full list of the potential issues that someone may be experiencing. If you press or click on the button, the link will open an information guide, which may or may not lead to an external website (i.e., good therapy, psychology today, mayo clinic, or web md). In the future, I will be creating information guides that are Neurodivergent friendly and ADA compatible.

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