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Become the best possible version of yourself, by learning the skills you need to thrive in every domain of your life. Improve your health and wellness in all the domains of your life, by implementing rituals and practices as part of a daily routine.

Coach Guided Work

Work with a life coach and therapist in one on one sessions, while using Quenza, a client engagement app and portal, to complete courses and lessons, and practice between sessions. Access to the portal and app are included. Additional documents, fact sheets, handouts, and worksheets will be provided.


Self Guided Work

When you register for a monthly subscription to my program: You will have access to Quenza, my client engagement app and portal. You will have access to the members only pages of this website. You can complete the courses and lessons on your own, and practice the exercises at your own pace. You will have access to additional documents, handouts, and worksheets. You will be asked to purchase additional books, workbooks, and supplies like journals, binders, and binder dividers. You may also need a high yield printer.


Seize Your Moment

Learn the following from a licensed professional: how to be more mindful, tolerate the stress in your life, find radical acceptance, regulate your emotions, and maintain healthier relationships, and gain greater satisfaction in all the domains of your life.



  Unique Concepts

This program is different. You’ve probably heard that before from other coaches and therapists. But I have listened to other people and looked around and I have not found another program like this one. The program combines the wisdom of ancient traditions, the knowledge and data from science, and the practices of evidence based therapeutic and coaching interventions.



  The Secret

The program addresses the whole person, physical, mental, spiritual, their relationships, their cultural variables, their surroundings, and their environment. There are multiple domains of a person’s life that are all interconnected and interdependent.

What Makes This Program Different

This program is different. There are plenty of other services online, but not many may offer an individualized plan created in a one on one session before you embark on the journey. Not many offer the multiple tools, resources, and approaches. The growing trend – in the medical field as well as the health and wellness industry – seems to be moving toward specialization and niche marketing, but I know from professional experience and educational background, that you cannot change one side of the equation (addressing one problem) without changing the other side (addressing another problem that doesn’t seem related to the first). And with so many dimensions of experience and domains of life, why would you want to waste time fixing one problem area of your life, just to have another problem area of your life sabotage your progress.

There are many reasons to engage in an integral, comprehensive, holistic, and integrative health and wellness life coaching program supported by science.

Here are some great reasons to get started today!

To embrace solutions and work on the problems affecting you and your life. Address the issues that cause discomfort and unwanted suffering.

To make peace with your past so it stops causing unnecessary distress in your present.

To make amends with the people you have harmed or wronged, forgiving those who harmed or wronged you and for their transgressions.


To transform into and be a better person, on all levels, in all domains and areas of life.

To report increased satisfaction with your life in all the domains that are important to you.

To learn how to use your innate character strengths and virtues to live in balance with your consciousness and the world.



To feel better and more alive, more physically healthy, with discipline, stamina, endurance, flexibility, mobility, and strength you desire.

To become more creative, curious, courageous, and confident, in order to live your deepest purpose.


To live within your means, in a job or career that is fulfilling and provides a sense of meaning and purpose, and practice humility, temperance, and moderation.

To master the strengths of justice and mercy in order to practice forgiveness and acceptance, without resigning to submissive passivity.

To learn how to align your thoughts, decisions, choices, and behaviors with your character strengths, morals, ethics, beliefs, and values.

To improve your ability to be confident, modest, genuine, and authentic, with the ability to be assertive and set and maintain healthy boundaries in all your relationships. 


To start thinking of yourself less and start considering the needs of others more.

To love and care for others deeply and fully.

To develop a social justice advocate and ally, and an environmental activist mindset.




To develop a sense that you are making your highest contribution to the greater whole.

To live according to your highest ideals and standards.

To integrate your beliefs, faith, ethics, and morals with scientific theory, research, and discovery.


To start waking up your consciousness and head down the path toward enlightenment.

To find a way to understand the world and start to make sense of it all.

To start participating in the evolution of the collective consciousness.

To start living in and communing with the sacred spirits, divine, force, universe, chi, life force, meridian, chakra, mystery, nature, higher power, Allah, Buddha, Gods, or God. 



For no reason at all, it is just what you are drawn to do at this time and in this moment.


Coaching Services

Perfect for someone who wants individualized personal service, follow through and accountability.

  • All Access Program not included
  • Zoom Teleconference Sessions
  • Individualized Program and Plan
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Access to Free Resources
  • Plan Summaries and Reports
  • Access to Quenza Included
  • PDF Handouts and Worksheets

$140.00 / session

Book Consultation

All Access Coaching Program

Designed for someone highly motivated with discipline who wants to work at their own pace. Modules are currently in development. Includes a free initial consultation and individualized coaching plan.

Quenza Client Engagement App

  • Create notes and journal entries
  • Onboarding and Intake Forms
  • Assessments and Questionnaires
  • Programs and Treatment Plans
  • Lessons & Exercises (Activities)
  • Encrypted Chats
  • Coaching/Therapy Rating Forms
  • For both Coaching & Therapy


Program Content (Website & App)

  • Treatment Plan included
  • Master Classes
  • Lessons (Exercises/Activities)
  • Instructional Video & Audio
  • PDF Handouts and Worksheets
  • Meditations
  • Fact Sheets
  • Life Satisfaction Surveys
  • Courses (Pathways)

$19.95 / month


Complete Program Library

The entire program, for someone with technology barriers or internet access issues. Not available until January 1, 2024. You may preorder the program with a $250.00 Deposit.

  • Intake Assessments
  • Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Handouts and Worksheets
  • Books and Workbooks
  • Self-Therapy Journals
  • Emailed Resources

$2,500.00 / once