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Program and Plan Options:

Engage with one on one sessions with a life coach (Quenza access and books included).

Purchase the complete self-guided program books separately and do the work at your own pace.

Purchase a subscription to the program and do the self-guided work through Quenza. 

There are many reasons to immerse yourself in a comprehensive Health and Wellness Action Plan and commit to a lifetime of daily practice. Although there are countless many more, here are some of them:

  • To embrace and work on problems in areas of your life causing you unneeded suffering.
  • To feel better and more alive, with the discipline, stamina, endurance, flexibility, mobility, and strength you desire.
  • To report more satisfaction with your life in all the domains that are important to you.
  • To live within your means, with moderation and temperance, in all areas of your life.
  • To make peace with your past.
  • To internalize justice and mercy and practice forgiveness and acceptance.
  • To make amends with others whenever safe or prudent.
  • To become (transform into) a better person, on all levels, in all domains and areas of life.
  • To become more fully alive and creative.
  • To find and/or live your deepest purpose.
  • To live with character strengths and virtues, in balance with your spirit and consciousness.
  • To align your decisions, thoughts, and behaviors with your best strengths, moral ethics, beliefs, and values. 
  • To start thinking of yourself less and start considering the needs of others more.
  • To improve your ability to be yourself and respect yourself in all your relationships and friendships.
  • To develop a social and environmental justice mindset.
  • To love and care for others deeply and fully.
  • To develop a sense that your are making your highest contribution to the greater whole.
  • To live according to your highest ideals and standards.
  • To start waking up and heading toward enlightenment and nirvana.
  • To find a way to understand everything or make sense of it all.
  • To start communing with life, the universe, and Spirit.
  • To start participating in the evolution of the collective consciousness.
  • To start living with the Sacred, Divine, Mystery, Nature, your own Higher Power, or the God of your understanding.
  • Wishing to integrate your beliefs, faith, and values with scientific studies and research.
  • No specific reason—it’s just what you’re drawn to do

22 Interconnected Domains of Life

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Introduction Module

Physical Health

Nutritional Science






Sexual Orientation

Gender Identity



Family of Origin












The program is structured in a way that makes it easy to connect each domain to other domains. Each life domain is its own module and workbook, and the modules will have several chapters each, based on issues and topics within that life domain. The chapters will consist of the general overview of the topic, why it is important to learn the information, basic knowledge about the topic, problems and issues associated with that topic, and proposed solutions to the problems. The solutions may include objectives and interventions or skills training. The workbook will include handouts and worksheets. The client engagement app and portal will be organized in a hierarchal manner by modules, chapters, lesson, activity, audio casts, and instructional videos. The client engagement app and portal materials will also detail the references and works cited at the end of each. A list of further suggested resources will be listed in each chapter. References and works cited will be noted at the end of each chapter. A complete bibliography will be kept in a separate booklet that lists references and works cited.

Modules relevant to all domains

  • Research Methods
  • Library of Research Databases
  • Cochrane Research Database
  • Physics
  • Quantum Physics
  • American Psychological Association
  • World Health Organization
  • Wildlife Defense Fund
  • Centers for Disease Control
  • National Institutes of Health
  • NBCC The Professional Counselor
  • SAMHSA Fact Sheets and Guides
  • National Library of Medicine


Program Price, Coaching Rates, and Subscription Fees


  • Price for the stand alone self guided program books and workbooks: $2,500.00
  • Does not include Quenza or coaching services
  • Subscription fee for Quenza client engagement app and portal: $149.00 per month
  • Includes chat feature to contact coach, does not include books or coaching sessions
  • Coaching Services including program planning and weekly sessions: $480.00 per month
  • Includes handouts and worksheets and access to Quenza
  • Individual follow up coaching sessions: $120.00 per hour